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Fully automatic email design and layout

With unique templates and easy export to any ESP

Модульный редактор Letteros

Features of Letteros

  • Built-in

    Code inliner and minifier, spell checker and text typographer, image optimizer—these and other services are built into the platform.

  • Custom

    There is no need to design and layout the email, select fonts and colors. We will develop ready-made blocks in the corporate style of the company.

  • Auto design
    and layout

    The platform allows you to drag and drop the necessary blocks from templates, change pictures, links and texts without fear of ruining the design or layout.

  • Email campaign

    The service will generate email previews on all popular devices and optimize images for a dark theme.

  • Export
    in various formats

    You can upload an email as a file [HTML, EML, ZIP archive], a link to the web version, or directly to the mailing platform.

  • Teamwork
    and collaboration

    The multi-user structure of the account allows several specialists to work on the email at the same time.

Our integrations

ESP platforms

CRM systems

How it works

  1. Choose a template in the profile

    Upload your own, or use an ready-made one

  2. Fill with content

    Add texts, buttons, images, links and other details

  3. Check the quality

    Make sure that your emails looks amazing and works on all devices

  4. Save your emails

    Export it as a file or directly into your mailing service

Look, you are on a good team


  • Do I need to know HTML to create emails?

    No, you can create all emails in the user-friendly and easy-to-use editor. So, you don’t need to know HTML at all.

  • I already have an email template.
    Can I use it?

    Yes, you can import a template from a ZIP archive and edit it in Letteros.

  • Can I send emails directly in Letteros?

    No, the email needs to be uploaded to any platform you are used to.

  • What ESP platforms can I use for mass
    email sendings?

    SendPulse, GetResponse, Mailchimp and other popular platforms.

  • How to check email responsiveness?

    Check out previews on desktop and mobile.

  • How do you know that the email looks great and is not cut on different mailers?

    Send a test email and test it on 9 email clients.

  • How many links should be in an email?

    Many links will only confuse the reader and will not bring the desired result. Add multiple links, but keep one main focus. Better as a button.

  • What is the best email size to avoid spam?

    Messages smaller than 100 KB successfully pass the anti-spam check. There may be problems with increasing the size: one or more spam filters do not allow the message to enter the Inbox. To do this, we built code and image compression tools into the platform.

Order a custom template

Branded. Mobile friendly. The one that really sells.